Not another rant and rave

Ranting and Raving, What's making me think

Now, well it has been a while, and mind you has time passed. Evan though I am still transfixed within a never ending time warp. Fighting myself to create the finished product. That my minds eye has instantaneously shuttered forth before me.  Enduring to replicate that fantastic idea.

Know I realize.

There is more to this, What is it that is more? It is the finest of the finer details. It is the drilling that has become dull and null in void. The small things like the process. The little questions that you need to ask yourself about how you want and will go about getting to the finer details. The last image. It is the patients. The job that is within this world of design, the nuts and the bolts from the foundation to the structure.

Not alone is it this that I have realized throughout this short yet never ending journey. It is the achievement. As well as the doors that open in the following. I must admit the excitement that boils within in listening and understanding. a brief, a problem. Conjuring a solution and  manipulating it within.Well these two point in context might just be the light on the subject. The learning kerb to self domination.  It is a fighting match of time, skills, procedure, and adaptation.

Appoligeeze are in order. I have come back from another long stint away from my blog and have just read the draft for this post of which was ahead of this paragraph, well interesting I must say and the  learning continues. Many of the things that I am writing about May be obviousness. These things may be simple. Sometimes in many cases the simple things may be over-viewed. I myself at this time am very easily looking past the simplicity within graphic design using my own styles and techniques that I seem fit to suit the problem. Through my eyes, the right solution. This is all very well. Whilst implicating toward certain instances of my own, though every problem may sway within any different design element or style. Of these there are plenty. Taking already known styles into these un-practiced techniques creates for a new and interesting challenge in itself.

Evan writing and subjects within all the more interesting. Now after such a long break I think I need to some stocktake on my blog. Doing some organising and structure.


Another raving rant

Ranting and Raving, What's making me think

Another rant from another raving ranter. Hopefully onlookers and readers of my blog have gathered where this blog is coming from.      Where it is going is another story.

My hope is that the accents of the beginning of the blog will slowly disappear and the blog will be a free flowing source of information about the arts and design with my own work appearing here and there all over the place. If I do any of my work. So really  what this blog will end up being, is about me winging and whining about all those things I want to do, and all those things that are going wrong.With all those things that are not getting done.

Filling in the gaps I am a student doing a course in graphic design. During a brief we were to create a blog, it had something to do with marketing, I really do enjoy blogging more the research side of things, but there is such a vast array of talent and indifferent design out there today. There is always something new to find.Things are still the same and I am not sure to where a defined area of talent is suitable, yet, to a direct market place or genre in the design world or not, but it is becoming more and more clear as I go along(just put whatever you want where ever you want it) Well my problem at the moment was a bit more introverted than that.More or less of making a beginning within the design area or creative realms with some individual  illustrating habits and design intrigue. That is on its own course. Studying is only the beginning .

and in my most fantastic class. Oh  let me tell you. I suppose you would know if you are out there already as a designer , or artist but being in a class room environment is just the best. No really ,I am really blessed with talented people all around me, but attitudes and pathways in which some people might take about some issues, is so fascinating, Seriously I shouldn’t say much because most of my followers are from within my class .So it could turn a little discerning or I might just be becoming the significant stiring element withing the class, Mind you. Full on seriously. If I hear the sentence “BUT REALLY IN THE REAL WORLD .” I don’t know if it makes sense to any body else. But the real world. Well I guess we have to be aware of the big old scary world. I am quivering to write any more because time and time again .Evan if it isn’t the real world it is something about the outside world or being involved in the public. Time and time again I bit my tongue and keep my opinion to myself. Still I should I am not right into not letting people have there own opinion but preaching and creating class exclusions towards people is there own choice . All I can think is that design is of one’s own path as well as one own perceived perception of an answer to their design solution and if ones client is not to like it they will not want it . Therefore a change or another client another learning process within many of which we are in.Well that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be,  but next time. I will free of the burden of being polite and quiet. I can clear the air right here.

The competition is fanatical. I luv it , but missing the boat most times is really starting to leave me behind and yes THE REAL WORLD WILL LEAVE ME STRANDED TOO. Hard work is the key and I never thought so much of it was needed. It is really clear within my class as well as within the other areas That I have seen that hard work and putting in the time really shows in evidence and good work.

Soory no, recipes today, got a good mud cake on the way but the ovens playin so ssooory til next time.

Painting pathways

Art, Painting

Alexa Meade has pulled out a pretty cool concept of turning real-life people and places into a painting by using the people as the acrylic medium for the body painting! Have to admit she had me fooled the first time I saw these photographs.

This is a charcoal study…………..
just some wanderings with my fave art tool…….Charcoal……..!!!!

Artist: Warren Haney

Have laid in the charcoal and some paint…Just getting a general feel for this face….
Will be a study in water drops when i complete……lol

Oil paintings

allows an artist to recreate events from many perspectives and imaginations. The artist may have been on this ship, but he shows us how the event looked as if we are watching it while floating in air!
Santa Barbara, CA – Anderson Art Collective will soon be awash with Benjamin Anderson’s vibrant, large-scale contemporary oil paintings depicting a universe where water immerses and transforms the world we know. The solo show, Just Add Water, opens on Saturday, February 27 with an artist reception from 6-9pm and will continue through May 9. The reception is free and open to the public.

This series of paintings by the Chinese-born Zhang Haiying is wicked. Even though at a first glance one might be drawn into them because of the bright palette in play and the highly sensual imagery, the series itself dares to go much much further. In reality, the paintings are based on photographs that Haying found on the web of official anti-vice campaigns that aim to crack down on prostitution and pornography in China. Also, its fair to mention that his craft is top-notch.

Calligraphy / hand rendered

Calligraphy, Elements, Typography

History of Calligraphy is as rich and varied as it’s present. Let me show you some of the important aspects of the history that shaped the present day’s form.The word ‘calligraphy’ is derived from the Greek words ‘killi’ and ‘graphos’, meaning ‘beautiful and ‘writing’.
To study the historical context of calligraphy, is to study the origins and developments of calligraphy during its ages. You must know where you’ve come from to know where you are going. So lets start from the beginning.

Ancient Chinese Calligraphy has always been considered one of the purest art forms.The Chinese language is monosyllabic which means that each character written represents a word of an object or living form.
writing is said to have been invented by ‘Fu Hsi’. It was developed by two signs called ‘ying’ and ‘yang, which represented positive and negative. The ying drawn was simple one line and the yang was a line with a gap in the middle

History of Japanese Calligraphy is as intriguing as the Japanese Culture itself. It originated in China and goes back to around 28 BC. It came to Japan when Chinese culture was becoming more widespread, which was in the periods of ‘Asoka’ (552-646) and ‘Nara’ (646-794).

The ‘Kara Yo’ calligraphy style, derived from the Chinese calligraphy’s use of structure, in there following of strict axes and symmetrical rules. ‘Kara Yo’ started from around the Kamakura period, which was from 1192 to 1333. Little is known of the history of Japaneses calligraphy within this style.Kana’ is a Japanese style developed by Chinese calligraphy. The characters in this calligraphy style expresses sound not ideographic Calligraphy is known as ‘shodo’ in Japan which means ‘the way of writing’. The Japanese now have 2 main calligraphy styles called ‘kana’ and ‘kanji’.

Islamic calligraphy is the beautiful writing of the Arabic script. It is has been the main Islamic art since the Quran’s revelation (610 AD).
Nabatean script was the recorded earliest form of pre-Arabic script. The early Arabs, called the Nabatean’s, are said to have developed the Aramaic script, also known as the north Arabic script, during around the 5th century.
There are many types of cursive scripts used in Islamic calligraphy one being; The ‘kufic script’ also known as the ‘Kufi script’. This scrip became popular in the 10th century, and although the script was known much earlier, it was not developed good enough until that time.

The Old English Calligraphy history is by far an intriguing story that I am sure you would love to know about.The Roman alphabets is the alphabet used for the English language. In the history of Old English writing Calligraphy, its alphabets organs goes way back to pictography. Pictography is believed to have been the first writing system. Pictography, is drawn simple pictures that represent images of real life object or beings.

Korean calligraphy, is seen as a pure art form in the Korean culture, and other Asian cultures.
It is one of Korea’s most loved art forms. The calligrapher’s brush strokes flows, and dances, across surfaces producing beautiful letter forms. The subject matter of the calligraphy and personality of the calligrapher combines in the letterforms.

How much style does calligraphy , have ? The way all the elements have there own place on the page in the flow of the writing. Apart from the obvious good looks . It is enriched in history . As well as culture . We today are taking it away. Not to a destructive degree.  As an element of our own style and grace,

balanced, stylish the two continuous loops on the underside of the letters , I guess it is still a lot of the old style  accompanying new attitudes.

Here , this is more of what calligraphy was enitially  about to me , traditional loopy , fancy , English , french type style and feel ,The combination of the two maybe a new face in the way we see calligraphy or maybe a way we see another avenue of creative freedom , maybe just with the use of the initial rules of calligraphy can these doors be open  .

Ranting and raving

Ranting and Raving, Statutory

This is where I am about two to three weeks into my blog , as I realize that there is just to much time that goes to thin air, with doing such a thing , I really want to control this thing , I want to have an instant idea of what I want to do with my page and process it. It has really got me to my tether , About not being able to control my blog , Hey , maybe you might say you have lost the idea with things to do . Man I can post a picture . I just need some control. I can hear it already ” Hey buddy if you just spent a little time on the sight you might find that its quite easy to use .”

‘ALL Right all right , I mean I don’t do tremendous hrs on my blog as to where I should. I know what I already have posted needs a little work as well. Interests and designer influences maybe ,that’s where I strike a chord with u people out there . Maybe I get to some of these real things in life that might tickle ur fancy.Have you writing back to me with inspiration and good talking jargon, ITS ON ITS ON

Its another few weeks on , and this blogging , not my greatest quality. Blog blog blog , blog , My ATTITUDE TOWARD IT HAS CHANGE A LOT MIGHT I add, Really , I have come across a couple of great blog. Interesting and influential . There are a few good things which I have added to my blog ,mind you it is not as interesting as the blogs I have been reading.

I think I have spent more time reading and researching other blogs apart from spending time on my own. I really do feel like blowing a gasket.Making some interest. I could follow some of the other blogging ways and add a little bit of cooking into my blog info, but no I will not share the most beautiful of chocolate pudding recipe. I think I love that about living the adventure evan when you are searching the web for arts design and well culture. The food issue arises , awesome. Its like a good weekend trekking around looking for art gallery and spaces, just running into the funkiest cafe and getting an awesome coffee and a delicious slice or cake. What a path walked, Back onto the chocolate pudding. It was fantastic for me from scratch nothing. To an  awesome moist chocolate pudding. Making the guts of the pudding was not the challenge but drowning it in boiling water before placing in the oven seemed to be just a waist of good preparation. No, preparation in itself. Fantastic. Too whom that might get to read this riddle of word. I hope you enjoy and am looking forward to bringing you some interesting type of reading hopefully to stimulate, laugh, or aspire. Continue to follow. The skys just a hurdle there are no limits.

State of Origin


Here we are again another couple of days out from another one of the best games in the world with the best players in the world . The constant question years on end it has been , are the Queensland caintoads going to take out another series. Is it going to be a white wash or a jam packed series of games full of excitement flare attitude and who know evan a bit of biff. Queensland once again join there troops who have battled together through the trenches year in and year out. Combination’s of over achievements and astounding accolades. Heroes will be made and moments stamped in history. As a N.S.W supporter I will watch in anticipation for the blues to rise to there challenge. Take aim to there opponent, get in rip and tear, and take it to those toads.

Thoughts are again positive but very much a question of  the new. Sowden and Pierce. Apart from many other things. Lets have a look at the teams.

1. Josh Dugan-     more than going to give it his best, deserves all three games based alone on his efforts last year and his effort within the limited games this year.
2. Brett Morris-       avid flyer, an undermining test off spirit. Would hol his own in the heat of battle.
3. Mark Gasnier-     Gasnier enough said , doesn’t need to get lost in the game and not be seen, must get the ball to him.
4. Michael Jennings-   Good player at times , when he is making brakes and scoring trys, another player that takes a bit to get involved if the game is not going his way.
5. Akuila Uate-   Sure to make a name for himself.
6. Jamie Soward-   Massive piece in the puzzle, Is there room in his game to play his game when there is organizing to be done. Needs to play footy.Want to watch him score trys.
7. Mitchell Pearce-  Combination of sorts needs to happen, Big ticker, Needs to know he can play with as much enthusiasm when there 12 nil down and ten to go when there nil all and 50 to go.
8. Jason King – Good luck buddy.
9. Michael Ennis-  Maybe the reason Hindmarsh didn’t get a run , couldn’t pack em both into the same scrum at once, He is everything N.S.W needs.
10. Kade Snowden-  Got to have these big boy boppin all day .
11. Beau Scott- Gunna need these guys , Run the ball when its needed
12. Greg Bird- Guts and determination . Bust em up and start  BIFF
13. Paul Gallen ©-All day , He is going to have to keep his head . take the forward with him all day , rip and tear boys

14. Ben Creagh- Champion, Questionable about not being on the run on team , does well off the bench.
15. Trent Merrin-
16. Tim Mannah-
17. Dean Young-

I am pretty stoked for the blues. There going to have to keep this team and get amongst the maroons as much as they can. It is definitely a mixed team, yes there are some fairly clear st gorge combination, A little lack in size with the halves as well as big match experience.  It is what Ricky Stewart has got his hands on and he is going to have to stick with it . The problem is there is a replacement in three different forms for each player in every position. All the luck for the blues and we will see where the series is heading on Wednesday and in the papers on Thursday.