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Do you take any notice of which the heading states . Does anybody . Is it in there best notice to take on this idea . Throughout your individual thought process are you encouraging these actual basics of behavior,. Why not make a start, who are you looking for. Who do you want to take notice of  you . I am interested in getting like minded people to be interested in reading my blogs .As well as interacting on a level ,above my own. In order to take in more knowledge, and learn .I mean whats a day without learning something .

    I must say, It is not only in my interest to self help, also to promote others within the          same field . As the graphic design/ illustration/creative industry. What ever field you may be in. Getting yourself out there. Must be one of the hardest, yet most important aspects involved within the business. I have had many quarries over the field of design. In general, and have also written an other blog asking questions about the defined areas. Which I thought ,on introduction to design was quite interesting. Considering it is such a broad society today. Apart from being involved in study. Noticing the new trends within the streets and modern day  branding .Design to me was very simple. That must be easy getting those designs together .Well wasn’t that an understatement.

On study introduction, History and personal research on. My eyes  were opened instantly on the broad aspect of the world ,as well as the diversification . It probably took on a whole year of getting use to looking at everything within the world around us with an eye of design ,scrutinizing ,being bewildered . Questioning colour theory . Collaborating individual ideas. With the slightest interest of design .Before you know it ,there will be a whirl wind .Carrying you into a directional process .Counter levering you to the inner depth of the real world . With only your ambitions and individual ideas .As company  to your own destiny, as well as some great learning’s .Your studies . Life experience.But till then ,questions await.

It is in this motion that I continue to write , Directing myself towards the who’s , who of the design inspiration amongst what  is out there  at the moment . There are definite designers ,of the   ‘you know everybody knows.’ kind of guys and the inspirational pieces as well as the diverse amongst design , co-operate logo branding  architecture . Me myself I am an illustrator fond kind of guy with direct influence from the arts. Which put into a proper medium is classified  design , so blurry to me yet so broad and so define .

                      I guess if you have the medium, use it.  Capture the audience is the secret . Maybe that’s the collaborative part and parcel within the design world . Just to use the artist and designs of others to create the medium in which they seem suits best ,to the question they have had thrown forth in front of them .Definitely the strong hold of commercial graphic designers. As I have said before so broad yet so defined .I find it greatly appreciative as an artist that design gurus search for individualistic talent for there own safe keeping.

     This is where I was so intrigued as to  graphic artist beeing noted as or in the same sentences as a graffiti artist or an artist scribing there sign within the public place . Graffiti once to myself, the self explanatory angry kid . Bombing any landscape accessible to the two feet and a heart beat . Crossing borders are these artist taking on the inner city walls and public spaces with there own flare and abroad ways of producing an art piece . Does culture define this outcome or is every one a little delusional and art crazy, making names for them self .In any means possible way  ,under allias or within the public spot light . Its there gift, I say,lets aplaud it .

A great example of this is of Daniel Malecki


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