Typography , to where may it lay an end


Typography a never-ending cycle of individual expression. Where once may it have been type setting . Today it is a full-scale use of the available of  technology as well as never expending imaginations. Toward approaches ,to questions of life or expressing the ambiance of a word in play.The use of typography is a finely used demonstration as well as definitively for commercial branding into layouts for poster design. A defiant visual stimulant for ones senses .

This  also conjures other means of creativity  . Involving  photography as a means of process within procedure . Accompanying  the use of  structural improvisation , where as one might get a set of tools . Set out the word tools , Take a photo , send to print for as finished.Letting  the mind do the thinking .Mixing the visual as well as the feel or knowledge of past experiences for the onlooker to conduct an opinion .

Maybe a typesetter will set a form of letters out in a really smart creative  way .Tricking the onlooker to totally read something that is not written.  As to correct himself with a message from the piece  within. Making sense for the onlooker .These types of  typography are very clever and somewhat witty at times . Always pushing the envelope for the onlookers. Interested in making statements or of similar accord . As well as releasing personal creativity for the individual .Getting caught up in typography is quite easy. For some people it might come natural . Seeing things in different ways as others. Making scrapbook sketches into define artistic expression.

This is not where typography finishes, it  is not all about the cryptic or the unreadable . Either creative

expression. There also is a very elegant and forms of type.Calligraphic types of writing has heavily been involved within type from the past into the present with its constructive style being taken into a more broad and outrageous sense of constructed writing .I talk about calligraphy  because I see it as the most elegant and historic personal types .A individuals skill as well as a profession . Some what a blessing for the confident writer . Some thing not yet mastered by all . With a degree of difficulty for success . A lot alike typography in itself .

Some of the extremities of typographyare amazing . The usage of individual computer skill , Along with other medium professions  sits right next to extraordinary evaluations .Personally interested in typography myself  I am always eager to get pen to paper just to begin an extrordinary  journey of process and outcome .


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