Influential access/abilities


Three words ,off the whim .Might seem to be confusing , I write these three word in reference toward artistic/creative /design. I myself am a artist of my own right taking an interest toward the design world . Or are my interests opening new doors for my creative ideas .

Accessibility . It comes in between the influences and abilities. How are they directly reflect-able towards the art world and what differences can it make . But can  I find them and show a difference . I am not sure if it is of truth ,yet seemingly obvious at times . Off  cultures of change and integrity.That cultural movements and change occurs.

With out explaining myself to a greater degree this might all not make any sense .Talk about making something easy really complicated .

The influences which a creator might come across within there own personal experience . whether it be an area or town . Or a learning  institute within diverse cultural surroundings . These influences have definitely made or broken some artists . Of today’s era . Yet again personal persistent is always a major key .Personal drive . I think is also a credible to change of the individual preference to living space and surroundings  I really want to find some areas and scenes. Where as the art or design has really taken a hit from new age cultures and movements.  This would show direct influence toward the finished products as well as individual abilities as well.I  realize now when I think about it , that it is sometimes these little towns or cities which change from the movement off design and arts rather the other way around .

I also am interested in the differences of the artistic value as well as design values of work. These might be minimal as or expansive to a knowledge and more experience eye of the arts and design movement . On case study and valued interest can ones own opinion make justice.

where may this take us ? Maybe somewhere else? These two sights are Melbourne businesses in which you might like to check out . If these dont take your fancy I wonder what you think about Sydney ? Well this looking into graphic design might be a little adjustment to your own personal direction , maybe illustration could be good to see this difference of state ?Wow that dud was cool , did you check out the dancing icons , what about the grit undies. I am sure Bris-vages has something in store for us definitely!

Sorry I couldn’t leave Sydney check this out , I feel like a kid in a candy store. Ok  , Back to Brissy. Thats not all I am sure there is more .


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