Ranting and raving

Ranting and Raving, Statutory

This is where I am about two to three weeks into my blog , as I realize that there is just to much time that goes to thin air, with doing such a thing , I really want to control this thing , I want to have an instant idea of what I want to do with my page and process it. It has really got me to my tether , About not being able to control my blog , Hey , maybe you might say you have lost the idea with things to do . Man I can post a picture . I just need some control. I can hear it already ” Hey buddy if you just spent a little time on the sight you might find that its quite easy to use .”

‘ALL Right all right , I mean I don’t do tremendous hrs on my blog as to where I should. I know what I already have posted needs a little work as well. Interests and designer influences maybe ,that’s where I strike a chord with u people out there . Maybe I get to some of these real things in life that might tickle ur fancy.Have you writing back to me with inspiration and good talking jargon, ITS ON ITS ON

Its another few weeks on , and this blogging , not my greatest quality. Blog blog blog , blog , My ATTITUDE TOWARD IT HAS CHANGE A LOT MIGHT I add, Really , I have come across a couple of great blog. Interesting and influential . There are a few good things which I have added to my blog ,mind you it is not as interesting as the blogs I have been reading.

I think I have spent more time reading and researching other blogs apart from spending time on my own. I really do feel like blowing a gasket.Making some interest. I could follow some of the other blogging ways and add a little bit of cooking into my blog info, but no I will not share the most beautiful of chocolate pudding recipe. I think I love that about living the adventure evan when you are searching the web for arts design and well culture. The food issue arises , awesome. Its like a good weekend trekking around looking for art gallery and spaces, just running into the funkiest cafe and getting an awesome coffee and a delicious slice or cake. What a path walked, Back onto the chocolate pudding. It was fantastic for me from scratch nothing. To an  awesome moist chocolate pudding. Making the guts of the pudding was not the challenge but drowning it in boiling water before placing in the oven seemed to be just a waist of good preparation. No, preparation in itself. Fantastic. Too whom that might get to read this riddle of word. I hope you enjoy and am looking forward to bringing you some interesting type of reading hopefully to stimulate, laugh, or aspire. Continue to follow. The skys just a hurdle there are no limits.


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