State of Origin


Here we are again another couple of days out from another one of the best games in the world with the best players in the world . The constant question years on end it has been , are the Queensland caintoads going to take out another series. Is it going to be a white wash or a jam packed series of games full of excitement flare attitude and who know evan a bit of biff. Queensland once again join there troops who have battled together through the trenches year in and year out. Combination’s of over achievements and astounding accolades. Heroes will be made and moments stamped in history. As a N.S.W supporter I will watch in anticipation for the blues to rise to there challenge. Take aim to there opponent, get in rip and tear, and take it to those toads.

Thoughts are again positive but very much a question of  the new. Sowden and Pierce. Apart from many other things. Lets have a look at the teams.

1. Josh Dugan-     more than going to give it his best, deserves all three games based alone on his efforts last year and his effort within the limited games this year.
2. Brett Morris-       avid flyer, an undermining test off spirit. Would hol his own in the heat of battle.
3. Mark Gasnier-     Gasnier enough said , doesn’t need to get lost in the game and not be seen, must get the ball to him.
4. Michael Jennings-   Good player at times , when he is making brakes and scoring trys, another player that takes a bit to get involved if the game is not going his way.
5. Akuila Uate-   Sure to make a name for himself.
6. Jamie Soward-   Massive piece in the puzzle, Is there room in his game to play his game when there is organizing to be done. Needs to play footy.Want to watch him score trys.
7. Mitchell Pearce-  Combination of sorts needs to happen, Big ticker, Needs to know he can play with as much enthusiasm when there 12 nil down and ten to go when there nil all and 50 to go.
8. Jason King – Good luck buddy.
9. Michael Ennis-  Maybe the reason Hindmarsh didn’t get a run , couldn’t pack em both into the same scrum at once, He is everything N.S.W needs.
10. Kade Snowden-  Got to have these big boy boppin all day .
11. Beau Scott- Gunna need these guys , Run the ball when its needed
12. Greg Bird- Guts and determination . Bust em up and start  BIFF
13. Paul Gallen ©-All day , He is going to have to keep his head . take the forward with him all day , rip and tear boys

14. Ben Creagh- Champion, Questionable about not being on the run on team , does well off the bench.
15. Trent Merrin-
16. Tim Mannah-
17. Dean Young-

I am pretty stoked for the blues. There going to have to keep this team and get amongst the maroons as much as they can. It is definitely a mixed team, yes there are some fairly clear st gorge combination, A little lack in size with the halves as well as big match experience.  It is what Ricky Stewart has got his hands on and he is going to have to stick with it . The problem is there is a replacement in three different forms for each player in every position. All the luck for the blues and we will see where the series is heading on Wednesday and in the papers on Thursday.


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