Painting pathways

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Alexa Meade has pulled out a pretty cool concept of turning real-life people and places into a painting by using the people as the acrylic medium for the body painting! Have to admit she had me fooled the first time I saw these photographs.

This is a charcoal study…………..
just some wanderings with my fave art tool…….Charcoal……..!!!!

Artist: Warren Haney

Have laid in the charcoal and some paint…Just getting a general feel for this face….
Will be a study in water drops when i complete……lol

Oil paintings

allows an artist to recreate events from many perspectives and imaginations. The artist may have been on this ship, but he shows us how the event looked as if we are watching it while floating in air!
Santa Barbara, CA – Anderson Art Collective will soon be awash with Benjamin Anderson’s vibrant, large-scale contemporary oil paintings depicting a universe where water immerses and transforms the world we know. The solo show, Just Add Water, opens on Saturday, February 27 with an artist reception from 6-9pm and will continue through May 9. The reception is free and open to the public.

This series of paintings by the Chinese-born Zhang Haiying is wicked. Even though at a first glance one might be drawn into them because of the bright palette in play and the highly sensual imagery, the series itself dares to go much much further. In reality, the paintings are based on photographs that Haying found on the web of official anti-vice campaigns that aim to crack down on prostitution and pornography in China. Also, its fair to mention that his craft is top-notch.


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