Another raving rant

Ranting and Raving, What's making me think

Another rant from another raving ranter. Hopefully onlookers and readers of my blog have gathered where this blog is coming from.      Where it is going is another story.

My hope is that the accents of the beginning of the blog will slowly disappear and the blog will be a free flowing source of information about the arts and design with my own work appearing here and there all over the place. If I do any of my work. So really  what this blog will end up being, is about me winging and whining about all those things I want to do, and all those things that are going wrong.With all those things that are not getting done.

Filling in the gaps I am a student doing a course in graphic design. During a brief we were to create a blog, it had something to do with marketing, I really do enjoy blogging more the research side of things, but there is such a vast array of talent and indifferent design out there today. There is always something new to find.Things are still the same and I am not sure to where a defined area of talent is suitable, yet, to a direct market place or genre in the design world or not, but it is becoming more and more clear as I go along(just put whatever you want where ever you want it) Well my problem at the moment was a bit more introverted than that.More or less of making a beginning within the design area or creative realms with some individual  illustrating habits and design intrigue. That is on its own course. Studying is only the beginning .

and in my most fantastic class. Oh  let me tell you. I suppose you would know if you are out there already as a designer , or artist but being in a class room environment is just the best. No really ,I am really blessed with talented people all around me, but attitudes and pathways in which some people might take about some issues, is so fascinating, Seriously I shouldn’t say much because most of my followers are from within my class .So it could turn a little discerning or I might just be becoming the significant stiring element withing the class, Mind you. Full on seriously. If I hear the sentence “BUT REALLY IN THE REAL WORLD .” I don’t know if it makes sense to any body else. But the real world. Well I guess we have to be aware of the big old scary world. I am quivering to write any more because time and time again .Evan if it isn’t the real world it is something about the outside world or being involved in the public. Time and time again I bit my tongue and keep my opinion to myself. Still I should I am not right into not letting people have there own opinion but preaching and creating class exclusions towards people is there own choice . All I can think is that design is of one’s own path as well as one own perceived perception of an answer to their design solution and if ones client is not to like it they will not want it . Therefore a change or another client another learning process within many of which we are in.Well that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be,  but next time. I will free of the burden of being polite and quiet. I can clear the air right here.

The competition is fanatical. I luv it , but missing the boat most times is really starting to leave me behind and yes THE REAL WORLD WILL LEAVE ME STRANDED TOO. Hard work is the key and I never thought so much of it was needed. It is really clear within my class as well as within the other areas That I have seen that hard work and putting in the time really shows in evidence and good work.

Soory no, recipes today, got a good mud cake on the way but the ovens playin so ssooory til next time.


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