Not another rant and rave

Ranting and Raving, What's making me think

Now, well it has been a while, and mind you has time passed. Evan though I am still transfixed within a never ending time warp. Fighting myself to create the finished product. That my minds eye has instantaneously shuttered forth before me.  Enduring to replicate that fantastic idea.

Know I realize.

There is more to this, What is it that is more? It is the finest of the finer details. It is the drilling that has become dull and null in void. The small things like the process. The little questions that you need to ask yourself about how you want and will go about getting to the finer details. The last image. It is the patients. The job that is within this world of design, the nuts and the bolts from the foundation to the structure.

Not alone is it this that I have realized throughout this short yet never ending journey. It is the achievement. As well as the doors that open in the following. I must admit the excitement that boils within in listening and understanding. a brief, a problem. Conjuring a solution and  manipulating it within.Well these two point in context might just be the light on the subject. The learning kerb to self domination.  It is a fighting match of time, skills, procedure, and adaptation.

Appoligeeze are in order. I have come back from another long stint away from my blog and have just read the draft for this post of which was ahead of this paragraph, well interesting I must say and the  learning continues. Many of the things that I am writing about May be obviousness. These things may be simple. Sometimes in many cases the simple things may be over-viewed. I myself at this time am very easily looking past the simplicity within graphic design using my own styles and techniques that I seem fit to suit the problem. Through my eyes, the right solution. This is all very well. Whilst implicating toward certain instances of my own, though every problem may sway within any different design element or style. Of these there are plenty. Taking already known styles into these un-practiced techniques creates for a new and interesting challenge in itself.

Evan writing and subjects within all the more interesting. Now after such a long break I think I need to some stocktake on my blog. Doing some organising and structure.


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