designrdiologue11 is a  blog page for des igner new, facebook, an alias for a blogging site for Me. My story in the design field is short, unlearned and  getting more and more to my internal influences everyday. I am a 29 nearly 30 year old student of design. These pages are a direct resource from the course. This reference of a student probably turns away a few heads and leaves an explanation to a couple of my blogging pages. When you hear the word design. Your initial thoughts might as I am learning and which is the most interesting of the long journey, take you into a sector of where as your influences have likened you to a defined area of design.Which has a vast expression of ways. Fashion, furniture, interior, web, logo, typographic, digital, corporate or any other in between.

My direction towards this has been long and far, I was as a student and young teenager always sketching and painting throughout school with no clear direction in where it would take me. My class marks where all standard and exceptional in the one class ,art. My background and father was a builder with a little architectural drawing skills developed for essential work within his building business. Foresight and without any direct dedication, the arts world was far short from a standard wage. But if I was interested and capable of getting into a university with my marks it would be granted that I followed that direction. The last year of high school and taking on some work was washing me away from the field. Always in my mind’s eye thinking and working things through. Graphically.  Idea after idea flourished through with little action taken. I was unfortunate enough to be involved within an accident and things were put on hold. Practicing pizza cooking for a fair while and recovering into a reasonable bill of health. I would take a closer look toward where my future lay. I would take on a carpentry  apprenticeship.I finished and  spent 8 years moving around learning essential working skills and still learning today. As the economy bombed and crashed . I was left stranded with lack of work and an initial first luv kicking me in the backside telling me to give it a go.

I applied for two or three carpentry jobs, as well as two design courses at the same time. throwing caution to the wind. Letting the future make the decisions for me. I am now in the second year of my course with wide eyes and a perception far from what I first initialized.

The work load is enormous, the interest is forever rising. And it gets me out of bed in the morning let alone keeps me away from it at night. I hope you get some interest out og my blogs and some of my own work will shortly be on its way thank you.


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